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The Apollo command and service module was one of two principal components of the United States Apollo spacecraft, used for the Apollo program, which landed astronauts on the Moon between and The command module was a truncated cone (frustum) 10 feet 7 inches ( m) tall with a diameter of 12 feet 10 inches ( m) across the base. The forward. A Command Module would house the three-person crew on liftoff and landing and during the trip to and from the Moon. A Service Module would carry various. The command module is the control center and living quarters for most of the lunar mission; one. DOCKING TUNNEL. REACTION CONTROL. ROLL ENGINES. The Apollo 11 Command Module, "Columbia," was the living quarters for the three-person crew during most of the first crewed lunar landing mission in July Command module definition is - a space vehicle module designed to carry the crew, the chief communication equipment, and the equipment for reentry. The Apollo Command Module (CM), joined with its Service Module (SM), acted as the "mothership" for lunar missions from to Apollo-Soyuz command module: The actual Apollo capsule that docked with Russia's Soyuz spacecraft in July Command module definition, the portion of the Apollo spacecraft that contained the crew's living compartment and the on-board controls. See more. The command module was the only part of the Apollo spacecraft to return to Earth, splashing down in the Pacific Ocean where the spacecraft and astronauts.

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